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About Chair Magic
Chair Magic is a labor of love. Founded by the dynamic mother daughter duo Billye Lusk and Samantha Lusk Kamps. After years of working in the office furniture industry, selling thousands of new chairs every year to replace old chairs that were in excellent working condition.The chairs only flaw being damaged, stained or outdated upholstery. Billye and Samantha knew there must be a way to stop the steady stream of chairs that fill our landfills every year. So, they set to work and created Chair Magic. A perfect fit chair cover, no slip, no awkward drawstrings, no wrinkles. Just stylish, clean, comfortable looking chairs. 
Interested in learning more?
Chair Magic is the Original, No Slip, All Purpose chair cover. Designed to fit, dining chairs, side chairs, bistro seats, barstools and ergonomic office chairs, you can update old, dirty, torn or just plain boring chairs in minutes. 

2- ways to apply Chair Magic...

 Easy-on / Easy-off Application Method: 
 1.) Open your new Chair Magic cover and located the white tag on the inside of the cover, this is the back of the chair cover.
2.) Place the back of the cover under the back of your chairs seat and firmly pull the sides and front of the Chair Magic cover over the remainder of the seat.

Easy on, Easy off Application makes it simple to wash or change your colors for any occasion or holiday.

A more permanent Chair Cover: 
1,) Remove the seat of the chair(s) you wish to apply Chair Magic. *this will require a screw driver* 
2.) Locate the white tag inside the Chair Magic Cover - this is the back of the chair cover. 
3.) Place the back of Chair Magic under the seat of your chair and firmly stretch Chair Magic over the remainder of the seat. 
4.) Replace the newly covered seat of your chair onto the frame. Firmly screw the seat back into place. 

Now you have a look that will that will last!

Custom Options Available!!! 

Have a special color in mind? 
Throwing a childs birthday party? 
Having a theme party? 
Love your sports team and want to represent on game day? 
Company Logo? 

Chair Magic can help! 

We offer custom color options, if you are looking for a special color to brighten up a dull workspace or add a little pop to your kitchen/ dining room, we can help. Send us a Request for Information and we will get back to you promptly with colors that may fullfill your need. 

We also offer silk- screen with your team, company or favorite children's character custom applied to the Original Chair Magic Covers. Silk-Screen can be done on any color, custom colors available. Please contact us for more information.